I’m Yosuke Ushigome, a creative technologist based in London.

I demystify emerging technology through prototyping.

Home Shrine

PrototypeAI interaction2018At Takram

We Build Worlds

InstallationFiction and imagination2017At Takram


Prototype and animationNew sensor technology2015At Takram

Omotenashi Mask

Film and prototypeCommunication and language2016At Takram


Film and animationPlant experiments2016At Takram

Fidgety Machines

Film and CGISocial media anxiety2016At Takram

Hydrogen Ball

CGIHypothetical energy2015At Takram

Professional Sharing

FilmGig economy2015

Open Informant

PrototypeProtest2013At Superflux

Commoditised Warfare

Model and filmWar and spectacle2013