Archi/e Machina

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Archi/e Machina is an archetype for Biotic Interactive Architecture. Imagine an ultimate future where interactive architecture, spatially-spreading multimedia technology, behave as if a creature. Archi/e Machina expresses this futuristic concept through various practice of interaction.
The human-scale model, which moves with synchronizing with inside human, illuminates the possibility that interactive architectural space can expand human spatial perception. Moreover, when it changes its shape according to the environmental sound and light, it strikes interactive architecture as spatial medium.

We projected biotic complexity onto its structure, called “tensegrity”, where the equilibrium states between local tension and compression dominate its global shape. Tensegrity in Archi/e Machina has dome shape with 21 struts and 84 cables. Most tensional 12 cables out of 84 are exchanged to pneumatic artificial muscles.

Concept Making / Design / Production: Yosuke Ushigome, Ryuma Niiyama

This artwork is partly supported by JST CREST “Technology to Create Digital Public Art” project.

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