EyeWriter2.0 Building

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I built a copy of Eye Writer, an opensource eye-tracking interface, and developed an user interface on top of its original ones, which allowed a caretaker to communicate with his or her patient effectively.

A friend of mine, whose mother was suffering from corticobasal degeneration and couldn’t move her body at all apart from her eyes, came to me and asked to build Eye Writer. I built it, but its original user interface was mainly to draw an artwork by moving eyes and it couldn’t help the communication between her and her mother. I developed an interface where the caretaker can draw boxes and input voice/text in them. The drawn boxes react to the patient’s staring and plays back recorded voice as the patient’s ‘answer’. Thus this interface works as a simple communication tool to help question and answer between them.

Many thanks @akikotti and @ippei0314 for getting me involved.

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