Goosebumps Exaggerator aka Sixth Sense Propagator

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Project Description

Goosebumps Exaggerator is a speculative product which has artificial hairs mechanically linked with the hair erector muscle under the nape skin. Once it detects the hair erection of the nape, it doesn’t only amplifies its erection with artificial hairs, but also wirelessly resonates other Goosebumps Exaggerators nearby. It’s based on a hypotheses that behaviour precedes emotion: for example, happiness follows laughter and sadness follows tears. What emotion would this device evoke in wearer’s mind by making him or her get goosebumps? Would it be a transmitter/receiver/synchroniser of a more abstract emotion, perhaps the sixth sense? The project is presented with a working prototype of the device, and and a film of a speculative scenario where the sixth sense is actually transmittable.

Working Prototype

Goosebumps Exaggerator is worn by a subject who is watching a series of abstract imageries. The imageries are so subtly horrendous and/or creepy that it is uncertain that if everyone gets goosebumps with them. Only by spotting at Goosebumps Exaggerator reacting, audience could be drawn into the same feeling the subject is having.

Goosebumps Exaggerator worn by a subject

Goosebumps Exaggerator worn by a subject


The aim of the film is to encourage audience to grab a sense of a situation where the sixth sense is actually transmittable. Through a series of scenes, characters ranging from humans to animals resonate each other by sensing a strong emotion.

Filming Support: Aloïs Bordenave, Benedikt Groß, and Shiori Clark

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