Commoditised Warfare


An alternative world questioning the way we unmindfully consume narratives of warfare and conflict as a spectacle

Commoditised Warfare proposes an alternative world where spectacular events are custom-designed to replace traditional warfare as a means of solving seemingly chronic conflicts. Whether it be a made-up sport, a bizarre ceremony, or an extravagant technology, each event is specially designed to reflect the cultural and geopolitical characteristics of the opposing sides. Examples are presented as a series of spectacles centred around toy-models such as mechanised ‘Deluxe’ models, graphic packages, TV adverts, model-nerd’s video and so on, encouraging the audience to imagine how these events might be operated and consumed.

#01: East Asian Dispute

  • Participants: North Korea vs South Korea + Japan + the USA
  • Spectacle: Synchronised Baseball
  • Stadium: Stadium Ship DONG-GIHWA

#02: India – Pakistan Conflict

  • Participants: India vs Pakistan
  • Spectacle: Silly Walks Contest
  • Stadium: Decorative Trucks HATHA-MILANA

#03: Falklands War

  • Participants: the UK vs Argentina
  • Spectacle: Robot Territory Game MINESWEEPERS
  • Stadium: Minefields

Model-nerd's Youtube video


  • Model Making: Design Office BRIDGE (Hiroshi Takenouchi, Takashi Miyoshi)
  • Film Producer: Takayuki Takei
  • Film Director: Hiroki Yokoyama
  • Film Director of Photography: Kimihiro Morikawa
  • Film Editor: Jun Kitajima
  • Film Voice Over: Bin Shimada
  • Film Production: Studio Interfield Corporation
  • Sound Design: Sean Clarke, Mark McKeague

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