Home Shrine

Swarovski, 2018

Place your hands on the crystal to talk to your AI assistant ― a more spiritual and personal voice interaction proposed for the Swarovski Designers of the Future Award

Home Shrine is a project that explores our relationship with virtual assistants that have grown rapidly in the past years. In comparison to the current design of virtual assistant interaction where you command the assistant to serve as a machine that can tell you objective information and predicted future, it proposes a more spiritual and subjective interaction by using the mysterious yet familiar aesthetic that crystals have.

The prototype exhibited at Design Miami/ Basel was equipped with a feature that predicts the weather for you through the discourse you have with it. When a hand is placed over the mystically gleaming crystal, the crystal retrieves online weather forecast data and announces the forecast as if it is an oracle, such as "When you shine, the sun will appear and light your way."

By giving a sense of ownership and responsibility for the future to the user, we may be able to have a richer interaction with this new inhabitant in our home environment.

Home Shrine
Home Shrine

Home Shrine animation

We also collaborated with MUTE Animation Studio to create a playful animation that illustrates Home Shrine’s concept and its relation to the history of user interface. The animation accompanied the prototype at Design Miami/ Basel to facilitate audience’s understanding.


  • Direction, Concept, Interaction Design: Yosuke Ushigome (Takram)
  • Product Design: Lukas Franciszkiewicz (Takram)
  • Prototyping: Jonathan Nesci (Takram)
  • Animation Collaborator: Mute Animation Studio
  • Photography: Mark Cocksedge, courtesy Swarovski

The project was commissioned by Swarovski.

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